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Businesses with access to experienced professionals

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On-demand sales and marketing support services provide businesses with access to experienced professionals who can provide assistance with a range of sales and marketing tasks.

These services range from developing a sales strategy, creating marketing materials, conducting market research, managing email campaigns and social media accounts, creating and executing growth strategies, and more.

By providing access to experienced professionals on an as-needed basis, businesses can save time, money, and resources while still getting the support they need to grow and succeed.

On-demand sales and marketing support services for a consultancy can include:

Marketing support 
Lead generation and qualification
Sales process optimisation
Sales funnel management
Sales and marketing strategy development
Sales and marketing campaign planning and execution

Impactive is a SaaS platform that transforms how teams within investment firms manage their ESG activities. It provides a centralised digital workspace where investment, ESG and reporting personnel can create, access and manage key information instantly.

We first engaged with Impactive back in 2022 when they were looking for a business development and marketing all-rounder to support a range of tasks. In our on-demand role as the Strategy and Growth Lead, we are supporting Impactive with their go-to-market strategy and launch activities. We have been working with them to create their marketing strategy, campaigns and sales value proposition. We are supporting them with business development and marketing services post-launch.

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